SPREE Webinar:

Driving Attractions into the Metaverse.

June 23rd 2022

5pm CET  | 11am EST

Join us virtually on Thursday, 23rd June at 5pm CET and discover the evolution of VR Bumper Car attraction; from a classic attraction to an immersive VR experience.

Have all your burning questions answered as we run through the gameplay statistics of the attraction globally. Simply register now, to see how you can bring this attraction to your location.

Join our webinar to view the highly entertaining gameplay and join our Q&A session!

Watch the Trailer!

For nearly 100 years Bumper Cars have been established as mainstay attractions at Theme Parks and Family Entertainment Centers around the world. Locations can now level-up their Bumper Car attraction with the addition of SPREE Interactive’s sensor fusion VR tracking technology.

Cyber Blaster

The game is set in the not so distant future, where humans have uploaded their consciousnesses into a virtual world. Cyber Blaster sees the players jumping into hover vehicles and their virtual planet from an unknown techno virus. In the real world, the players jump into physical bumper cars and wear special VR headsets which provide perfect synchronization between the game and the real environment