Fruit Splash

The canteen robots on a space shuttle have gone mad! Players join Team Tomato or Team Lemon and try to splash around as much as possible in this epic intergalactic food fight.

Fruit Splash logo in colors

Game Mechanics & Features:

FruitSplash is a multiplayer VR action game where players compete in two teams trying to cover the space kitchen with as much of their teams fruit juice as possible. Fruit fires automatically from the player’s fruit gun utilising a look to shoot game mechanic. Players on team Tomato fire red fruit juice and players on team Lemon fire yellow fruit juice. The winning team is the team that has coloured the greatest area of the kitchen with their fruits colour.
Power ups such as crazy food mixers and fruit bugs can be activated during the game allowing for fruit juice explosions which cover a large area in fruit juice.


= 90 seconds

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