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Family-Friendly, Multiplayer, Virtual Reality Attractions

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The legendary Dynablaster is back – now in VR! You loved the original and now experience multiplayer Dynablaster in the most immersive way possible. That same great gameplay, but this time you will actually have to move!

What a SPREE Arena can offer you?

Premium Content

Premium action-filled and multiplayer games designed for the whole family

Quickest ROI

Maximum player throughput = ROI in months. 

Lowest Upfront Cost

Less equipment & fewer attendants needed.

Returning Players

High-replay value with VR-eSport competitions, plus realtime leaderboards to track players and score.

Easiest to Operate

Turnkey VR: quick-to-install simple-to-manage.

Free-roam VR

Complete free-roam movement with sensor fusion technology for a full immersive and active experience.

About the SPREE Arena

Built upon our proprietary patented sensor fusion technology, the SPREE Arena transforms venues into a free-roam and multiplayer entertainment space allowing up to 6 or 10 players to indulge in family-friendly, educational, and eSport games that are sure to draw return visits. Packed with a collection of easy to play non-violent family-friendly games, operators can adopt a high-volume quick play revenue model or integrate the team-based games into birthday party packages.

With a host of turn-key solutions designed for family entertainment centers, all SPREE Interactive products are ACTIVE. SOCIAL. FUN.