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Family-Friendly, Multiplayer, Virtual Reality Attractions

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Designed for family entertainment centers, trampoline parks, theme parks, shopping malls and more, SPREE’s turnkey attractions are filled with non-violent multiplayer games especially suited for kids under the age 10 and provides a fantastic ROI in months! Skip the line and book a meeting with us to demo SPREE’s award-winning VR solutions. 

What SPREE can offer you?

Kid and Family-Friendly Content

Non-violent content, a VR attraction specially made for the 6-12 demographic with arcade style games.

Easy to Operate

SPREE Systems only need 1 operator - the family-friendly game pack are all controller less making a quick on and off boarding process. Simply start games with a touch of a button and  simple touchscreen interface. 

Lowest Upfront Cost

The SPREE arena sees over 6,000 players in just one month. Accommodating up to 10 players, with 120 players per hour. (Recommended 90 second gameplay)

What have our clients said about us?

We have partnered with leading manufacturers to deliver award-winning VR Bumper Car attractions. We have a variety of different configurations from classic Floor-Pick-Up cars to battery-powered cars, along with upgrade options. The VR Bumper Car attraction, Cyber Blaster, generates the highest throughput VR in the world!

With a  floor plan as compact as 7.5m x 7.5m or 25ft x 25ft – Transport the whole family to another dimension in a thrilling 360° driving experience, with the immersive game, Cyber Blaster.

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Built upon our proprietary patented sensor fusion technology, the SPREE Arena transforms venues into a free-roam and multiplayer entertainment space allowing up to 6 or 10 players to indulge in family-friendly, educational, and eSport games that are sure to draw return visits. Packed with a collection of easy to play non-violent family-friendly games, operators can adopt a high-volume quick play revenue model or integrate the team-based games into birthday party packages.

With a host of turn-key solutions designed for family entertainment centers, all SPREE Interactive products are ACTIVE. SOCIAL. FUN.

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