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Family-Friendly, Multiplayer, Virtual Reality Attractions

For Location-based Entertainment Centers Worldwide

Lowest Upfront Cost
Less equipment & fewer attendants needed
Easiest to Operate
Turnkey VR: quick-to-install simple-to-manage
Quickest ROI
Maximum player throughput = ROI in months

Designed for location-based entertainment centers such as FECs and trampoline parks.

The SPREE Arena can transform any empty space into a fully interactive VR experience zone. Packed with a collection of easy to play non-violent family-friendly games, operators can adopt a high-volume quick play revenue model or integrate the team-based games into birthday party packages.

With a host of turn-key solutions designed for family entertainment centers,
all SPREE Interactive products are ACTIVE. SOCIAL. FUN.

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X6 - up to 6 players
X10 - up to 10 players

Built upon our proprietary patented sensor fusion technology, the SPREE Arena transforms venues into a free-roam and multiplayer entertainment space allowing up to 6 or 10 players to indulge in family-friendly, educational, and Esport games that are sure to draw return visits. Maximize footfall with the game bundle that suits your guests best!

VR Bumper Cars
Free-roam Multiplayer

For the first time, guests will not only walk around in a virtual world, but also drive their own spectacular vehicle! SPREE Interactive's sensor fusion VR tracking technology can now be applied to Bumper Cars as a VR upgrade!. You can delight guests with a complete turn-key solution via SPREE’s bumper car manufacturing partners I.E Park Soli Car or enhance your existing classic bumper car systems with a modern twist.
SPREE Interactive worked on the first ever VR Bumper Car in Schloss Thurn.

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Woman wearing SPREE VR headset

World Class Innovation

The SPREE Arena utilizes all-in-one headsets meaning that no heavy PC backpacks are needed. As soon as the player puts on the headset, they enter the game. This results in extremely fast onboarding and with a maximum hourly throughput of up to 400 game cycles, and a 1 operator to 10 players ratio, the SPREE Arena offers a fantastic ROI.

Family-fun for Everyone!

As a result of our cutting edge content distribution platform, we provide a unique collection of non-violent, family-friendly, educational, and Esport multiplayer games that appeal to the whole family starting at ages 6 and above. All games are designed with easy to learn controls allowing even beginners to pick up the game in seconds.

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We do it with passion

We promote an empathetic and friendly team with a vision to execute pragmatic VR solutions that empowers owners and operators to offer innovative virtual reality attractions – from small play areas to stadium-sized arenas that keep visitors coming back. Through our strategic partnerships we are able to create rich innovative experiences that connect in ways that are meaningful for how kids and families gather, interact and play.