Why FECs Should Focus on a Core Demographic?

In a world that is returning closer to normality, FECs are spending a lot on upgrading attractions post-Covid.

Promising growth rates in the entertainment sector offer new revenue streams as families return to entertainment venues and are ready to have some fun, despite the increasing pressure on prices. The return of consumers presents a valuable opportunity for FECs to make a second first impression through new or upgraded attractions/experiences.

How the Metaverse will only accelerate the record growth in the VR entertainment sector?

Everyone seems to be talking about the metaverse at the moment but what is it and how does it impact the entertainment industry?

According to PWC’s Global and media outlook, VR is the fastest growing segment in the entertainment market generating high levels of revenue in the coming years. The potential to personalise, monetize and incentivise VR attractions with the Metaverse only shows it has the potential to accelerate the growth in the multiplayer VR world.

The Year in Review

As the year is quickly drawing to a close, the SPREE Interactive team wanted to have a look back at what was achieved in 2021. The last two years have not been the easiest time for the location-based entertainment industry, however despite that SPREE has grown from strength to strength. Now it seems the world has a route back to normality and there is only room for more success.

Multiple attractions in one: Why your venue needs a multi game VR attraction in the fastest growing market segment.

Galileos Mission to Mars Screenshot

Multiple attractions in one: Why your venue needs a multi-game VR attraction in the fastest growing market segment. VR is one of the fastest growing segments in the entertainment market, with children’s entertainment games generating the most revenue and will continue to do so in the coming years. Venues and Family Entertainment Centres choose different … Read more

The SPREE Arena – Behind the Technology

The SPREE Arena – Behind the Technology Alexander Bruckmann, Our Technical Lead explains what differentiates SPREE Interactive from competitors in the market. If we think back to 2017, the virtual reality world was in an experimental phase with new tech being constantly created. Location-based entertainment VR companies were already attempting to roll out high-end games … Read more