Minimizing attraction downtime: Smart VR attractions offer the solution

The summer is the busiest time for location-based entertainment centers with multiple bank holidays and kids having their summer breaks. Location-based entertainment centers make up the majority of their revenue during this time period, making it essential that any attraction is low maintenance and that operators are able to quickly fix anything, should things go wrong. 

Unfortunately, the majority of attractions in the industry, especially VR competitors within the market fail to offer full support, leading to frequent technical issues.

Venues, such as family entertainment centers or trampoline parks,  run the risk of losing a large amount of their revenue and trust from visitors, during a long downtime, affecting returning visitors. 


It is not only the lost revenue, but systems that require a lot of operators also mean that there are still costs associated with an attraction during downtime. Therefore, there is a large saving when an attraction requires minimal operators with minimal training, allowing for venues to have a smaller and more flexible workforce.

Attraction downtime costs FECs millions each year

The future of entertainment solutions is having a smart attraction that provides realtime data to allow for planning and also allows for remote repairs. The combination of having access to system data and remote repairs, minimizes the downtime and its length, allowing FEC’s to focus on providing multiplayer family-friendly fun.   

How to make your tech issues go away:

Location-based entertainment centers need to choose a reliable solution that offers 24/7 remote support and a warranty, to ensure that they can deliver a consistent service to their customers.
SPREE Interactive offers a fast and simple support ticket system, ensuring that any issues are quickly resolved and that systems are running efficiently. 

SPREE systems are always smart allowing for real-time data reporting on gameplay, remote access for repairs, upgrades of games and the full SPREE library. The SPREE Arena immerses up to 10 players in VR with a throughput of 200 players per hour, all whilst using only one operator.  

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The possibilities of Smart Attractions:

Digital operations and smart reporting capabilities allow for real-time data reporting, gameplay comparisons across different time periods, system updates, additional games to be added and remote repairs. Having an intelligent attraction allows early detection of small issues and more data to assess the best area to grow your business. Game data allows businesses to know what days and times to consider different marketing and promotional campaigns.

More often than not a system fault is very simple and call-outs can be very expensive. An attraction that is digitized and that can be accessed remotely, massively reduces costs and downtime duration. This is becoming increasingly important as consumers have reduced disposable income and firms face the economic pressure from raising prices, making downtime more impactful on profit margins. 

Woman holding VR headset


With downtime costing the industry millions and the increasing economic pressure being placed on FECs and venue guests, it is essential for FECs to have an attraction that not only offers minimal downtime, but that is also smart. A system that can be repaired remotely and that provides data, allows operators to be fully operational and target customers based on the most popular games. The SPREE Arena and VR Bumper Cars offer location-based entertainment venues a smart VR solution that maximizes throughput and minimizes downtime.

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