Battery Powered

VR Bumper Cars

Bump your guests into the virtual world! SPREE Interactive partnered with the world’s leading battery car manufacturer, Eurogames, to bring virtual bumping fun to location-based entertainment centers worldwide. With just a footprint of 7.5m x 7.5m or 25ft x 25ft, you can transform your venue into an immersive and highly-entertaining cyber world. Maximum throughput 48 players per hour. (Licensed by VR Coaster)


Enhance your venue space with VR Space Bumper Cars

Transport the whole family to another dimension in a thrilling 360° driving experience, with the immersive game, Cyber Blaster.

VR Bumper Cars

A High-Throughput Solution

Following the thrilling Floor Pick-Up VR Bumper Car attraction Cyber Blaster launched early last year, the new VR Space Bumper Car attraction in partnership with Eurogames, differentiates with 4 circular battery powered cars that only require a floor space of 7.5m x 7.5m or 25ft x 25ft. The smaller floor space makes it a more suitable fit for smaller FECs or locations with limited spacing.

Make Your Location More Memorable

SPREE Interactive is a flexible, powerful platform for location-based virtual reality. We enable operators to install attention grabbing, high-earning VR in existing entertainment spaces of almost any size. We deliver truly social experiences – from small shopping mall spaces to stadium-sized arenas.


Trampoline Parks

Give your customers the chance to cool down after their jumping sessions and let them escape reality. SPREE Interactive fits perfectly into your location and enables you to cater to new and existing customer groups alike.


Family Entertainment Centers

Whether you are an attractions-based FEC,or a redemption based FEC, our quick play high throughput games offer a fantastic ROI.

Roller Coaster

Theme Parks

Customize the SPREE platform by creating immersive VR walkthrough attractions, or add a VR element to an existing ride or attraction.

Other Locations

You don’t own or operate a theme park, FEC, or trampoline park? Good! SPREE Interactive fits almost any location, for example, a shopping mall, a recreational center, or a museum.