Galileo's Mission to Mars

With an educational narrative from ProSieben's "Galileo", the world's most successful science magazine TV show, and game production by Hollywood VFX house Pixomondo, Mission to Mars is a 10 - 15 minute multiplayer VR adventure that investigates humanity’s possible survival on planet Mars.


Available only for the location-based multiplayer free-roam SPREE Arena system

Mission to Mars allows up to 10 players to interact and solve challenges all at the same time. Using the SPREE Arena’s state of the art technology, players roam the arena and dive into the immersive world, imagining and experiencing a journey to Mars. Players are divided into small teams and assigned different tasks to get to know the dangers and virtues of the red planet while gathering information and cooperating with their team members.

The game starts onboard a shuttle on route to Mars where the players are briefed about the challenges they will face and split into different teams . Each team is assigned a work detail essential to surviving the harsh environment (Architects, Biologists, Geologists, and Commanders).  Upon landing on Mars each team must work together when the tough Martian weather takes its toll on the colony.

= 15 minutes

= 10+ years