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Welcome to the world of SPREE VR-Games!

Immerse your visitors in a truly captivating experience with our collection of unique VR content now available for download as software only licenses.

Your customers will embark on a journey like no other, where the boundaries of reality are pushed and their imagination knows no limits. Whether young or young at heart, our games are designed to provide an intuitive and exciting adventure for players of all ages.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to offer the fascinating world of SPREE Interactive VR gaming at your location!

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Discover, download and offer our extensive and unique content-library for guests of all ages to enjoy!

VR Kids & Family

Christmas Crunch

The whole family play as elves in Santa’s workshop as they work together with precision to prepare last minute Christmas tree orders that need to be launched into the sky.

Picnic Panic

The hungry Anteaters are back but this time the ants are looking for revenge! In this newest Family-Friendly game, players must work as a team to protect the picnic basket from those pesky ant invaders. And now with seasonal releases!

Granny’s Alien Invasion

The new game from SPREE Interactive sees players take on the role of a granny with a hand-held vacuum cleaner to defend the oven-warm cake from the hungry attackers from outer space.

Jump A Cheese

The Astro Mice’s cheese planet is under attack from a group of hungry bugs. Players must squash them before they devour everything in this Whack-A-Mole style VR adventure.


Suck up as many insects as possible with your wobbly trunk and beat other players with your high score! Compete and race for the big score bugs and watch out for those Mosquitos!

Fire Fighter

Things are about to get HOT! Act fast to fill up your water tanks and extinguish the fires.
– And now with the seasonal addition of Firefighter Christmas Edition.

VR Laser-Tag

Splish Splash

Compete in this silly water gun battle! As a frog on land you build covers out of coconuts, splash other players, train in the practice range and become the ultimate water gun shooter!

CyberMosh Mayhem

With fast-paced action and intense combat, CyberMosh Mayhem is the ultimate futuristic combat game.

Buckshot Bonanza

Strap on your VR headset and prepare for an adrenaline-fuelled western adventure like no other! 

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SPREE Interactive is a flexible, powerful platform for location-based virtual reality. We enable operators to install attention grabbing, high-earning VR in existing entertainment spaces of almost any size. We deliver truly social experiences – from small shopping mall spaces to stadium-sized arenas. And now SPREE Interactive content is also available as software only licensing solution for locations with existing VR systems.


Trampoline Parks

Give your customers the chance to cool down after their jumping sessions and let them escape reality. SPREE Interactive fits perfectly into your location and enables you to cater to new and existing customer groups alike.


Family Entertainment Centers

Whether you are an attractions-based FEC, or a redemption based FEC, our quick play high throughput games offer a fantastic ROI.

Roller Coaster

Theme Parks

Customize the SPREE platform by creating immersive VR walkthrough attractions, or add a VR element to an existing ride or attraction.

Other Locations

You don’t own or operate a theme park, FEC, or trampoline park? Good! SPREE Interactive fits almost any location, for example, a shopping mall, a recreational center, or a museum.

What an Upgrade!

We are thrilled to announce that our highly sought-after VR games are now available for download as software only licenses for existing locations with VR systems. Due to overwhelming demand, we have made it easier than ever for operators and owners to offer our immersive experiences.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to provide your customers with unforgettable VR gaming experiences – with prices starting from as low as 0,06 EUR/minute!