Splish Splash

Splash other players or various beach creatures with water to earn points. Targeting different areas of the body grants different amounts of score points! Build your own coconut structures and use them for cover. But watch out, your cover won’t last forever and can be destroyed! The play area is divided into islands that are spread out in the virtual world. This will make the play space feel much bigger than it actually is and allows for new dynamic in gameplay.

Things are about to get slippery! Get ready to dive into the latest kid-friendly VR shooter

Compete in this silly water gun battle! As a frog on land you build covers out of coconuts, splash other players, train in the practice range and become the ultimate water gun shooter!

With its colorful graphics, fun characters, and family-friendly gameplay, Splish Splash is the perfect VR experience for your FEC, tapping into the lucrative 6-12 age demographic. So grab your SPREE VR headset, and get ready to dive into a world of endless fun!

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