Unlocking Generation SPREE:
Boost Your FEC’s Revenue by tapping into the next generation of kids

Find out what the next generation of location-based entertainment center consumers want and how tapping into this market could boost your revenue by $150k

kids with vr headset

Who is Generation SPREE?

For the last decade, the conversation within the FEC market has centered on how to cater to millennials and Gen Z, but operators need to pay closer attention to a younger generation that has emerged, so called “generation Alpha”.

Generation Alpha includes anyone born after 2013, making the oldest about 10 years old. This demographic was entirely born during the 21st century, making them the first generation that will grow up with virtual reality technology and they are quickly becoming the dominant consumer group in FECs.

However, a more appropriate name for this age group would be ‘generation SPREE’, as the only attraction to provide tailor-made immersive games for the under 12 age group, SPREE Interactive is calling this ‘Generation SPREE’.

What are the next Generation Demanding?

Generation SPREE are already spending their time in the metaverse and are keen to dive deeper, playing games like Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft. The Global marketing communications agency Wunderman Thompson polled 4,000 of Generation SPREE, asking them what was most important to them in life, with the top three responses being family (71%), friends (43%), and happiness (31%). This polling shows that this generation values their technology along with shared fun experiences. Therefore FECs need to focus on immersive games that encourage groups to play together and make use of technology, making birthday parties more valuable than ever.

Generation SPREE learn, play, and interact in new ways compared to any other generation before them and rely on technology to discover the world. This new generation, who has only known a world of instant messaging, demands to remain hyperconnected to each other, spending more time communicating online than in person. Therefore for Generation SPREE their digital identities are just as important as their physical ones. New technology comes with ease to this group as they’ve never known a time without tablets or smartphones. However, the instant gratification that technology has given these kids has led them to be impatient, preferring seconds-long TikTok videos to long-form content. 

What does Generation find most important in life?

The Opportunities for Operators:

Location-based entertainment centers should consider adding virtual reality attractions to their arcade game portfolios. Generation SPREE are demanding new immersive experiences in new virtual spaces, and are willing to pay more, providing location-based entertainment centers with an upsell option.  

  • 74% of FEC birthday parties are for kids aged between 4-12, the core of Generation SPREE, (says research from Party Center Software).
  •  Coupled with the fact that 32% of FEC revenue comes from group sales (according to the IAAPA Benchmark Report).
This data shows that tapping into Generation SPREE is essential for FECs to boost their revenue, and upselling your birthday party packages is the most effective way to achieve this. 

The SPREE Solution: 

By offering upsell VR birthday experiences that are tailor-made for the all important 6-12 years demographic, LBE’s such as family entertainment centers and trampoline parks can boost their birthday party revenue with the family-friendly SPREE Arena.

The Spree Arena lets up to 10 kids ages 4-12 and their parents have fun together in a virtual reality metaverse. This high throughput VR solution is bundled with a library of family friendly games and is easy to operate.

Kids Birthday Party

Spree games are designed so kids 4-12 can play together with their family and friends, generating happiness together. Since those are the three most important values for this youngest generation and for us, it makes sense to call them Generation SPREE.”

Jonathan Nowak Delgado, Spree Interactives CEO.

By offering a premium package with an upsell ticket price of an extra $5 per guest, your birthday party revenue could generate up to $150K extra next year (based on a location with 3 party rooms).

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SPREE Interactive will be showcasing their VR solutions targeted at Generation SPREE throughout 2023.