The Year in Review: SPREE’s Biggest Moments of 2022​

It’s been another exciting year for the SPREE Interactive team with a host of trade shows, game/product releases, award wins and more. We wanted to have a look back at what our growing team has achieved in 2022.

In the last year, SPREE has grown from strength to strength, achieving a high growth rate and a growing client base thanks to an expanding family-friendly games library and offering the only VR Solution that taps into the lucrative 6-12 demographic.

VR is becoming an established entertainment for location-based entertainment centers as Generation SPREE are increasingly demanding immersive VR experiences, this is why VR is one of the fast-growing entertainment market segment. This revenue-driving sector has enabled SPREE to release a record number of game titles, launch Battery Powered VR Bumper Cars, attend multiple trade shows and grow the team further.

This year's top 3 highlights

1. SPREE’s Global tour

 The SPREE team has been attending multiple expos and conferences across Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East. Receiving a great reception at IAAPA Expo Europe, IAAPA Expo Global, Amusement Expo, Saudi Entertainment Amusement (SEA Expo), AWE, Deal Expo, Blooloop Festival of Innovation and more, being mentioned most recently in Blooloop.

At IAAPA Orlando, we had a SPREE birthday party and officially released our festive game, Christmas Crunch. With the highest percentage of FEC visitors are under the age of 12 demographic, and only the SPREE Playground offering a multiplayer kid-friendly solution for the 4-12 age group, we decided to host a party for Generation SPREE. By offering a premium package with an upsell ticket price of an extra $5 per guest, birthday parties revenue could generate up to $150K next year.

“By studying how kids play, SPREE’s game development team has built mastery in building social games that young kids take to immediately, but also have layers of sophistication to engage their older family members. They’re like the Disney of location-based VR right now."

2. Award Winning VR

The momentum gained at the beginning of the year has continued in the following 12 months, with a slew of award nominations and wins. These include a MAPIC People Choice Award, a Bobble Award from VR expert Bob Cooney, and beating more than 280 nominees to win “Best in Location-Based Entertainment” at the Augmented World Expo Auggie Awards 2022. Most recently, SPREE scooped 2nd Place in the Immersive Attraction category for the Blooloop Innovation Awards.

“Our success is due to our focus on offering active, social, and fun VR experiences to markets that are typically underserved,” says SPREE’s co-founder and managing director, Jonathan Nowak. “We aim to transform any empty space into a fully interactive VR experience zone, attracting young and old, helping families to share experiences together.


3. Added fun for everyone

SPREE Interactive developed 2 new games and released award-winning Battery Powered VR Bumper Cars! SPREE guarantees 2 new titles per year (Plus, seasonal add-ons) in the Family-Friendly subscription package.


Picnic Panic

In this collaborative game for the whole family, your team needs to protect the picnic basket from pesky ant invaders. The sneaky ants are after the Anteaters’ tasty picnic and will use any possible tactic to steal as much food in 3 minutes. With brand new engaging gameplay and characters, plus the availability of both 6-player and 10-player versions of the SPREE Playground, Anteater Picnic Panic is a perfect addition to the family-friendly game back including team-based interaction. 

Christmas Crunch

The whole family plays as elves in Santa’s workshop as they work together with precision to prepare last-minute Christmas tree orders that need to be launched into the sky. Players must be quick to decorate a tree by collecting ornaments from the cannons, but must also be strategic not to slow down time by dropping any ornaments along the way.

Battery Powered VR Bumper Cars

Bump your guests into the virtual world! SPREE Interactive partnered with the world’s leading battery car manufacturer, Eurogames, to bring virtual bumping fun to location-based entertainment centers worldwide. With just a footprint of 7.5m x 7.5m or 25ft x 25ft, you can transform your venue into an immersive and highly-entertaining cyber world. Maximum throughput 48 players per hour. (Licensed by VR Coaster)

Lastly and most importantly: Thank you!​

We would like to thank you for your support, it has allowed us to grow the SPREE team and develop a new solution and a series of successful new game titles, that have received a great reception globally. We are looking forward to extending the family-friendly game library further and developing new solutions that deliver high throughput.

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