SPREE Interactive Launches Strategic Team-Based and Family-Friendly game, Anteater Picnic Panic, in the SPREE Arena.

Nuremberg/Munich, Germany, March 2022 – SPREE Interactive, a specialist in multiplayer free-roam VR attractions for the location-based entertainment market, announces its latest team-based family friendly game, Anteater Picnic Panic. Developed as a sequel to the popular SPREE Arena game, Anteater Picnic Panic, encourages strategy and teamwork as their Anteater avatars must defend the picnic that is under attack from the vengeful ants. 

Designed for ages 6 and above, players must work as a team to protect the picnic basket from pesky ant invaders. The sneaky ants are after the Anteaters’ tasty picnic and will use any possible tactic to steal as much food in the span of 3 minutes. With brand new engaging game play and characters, plus the availability for both 6 player and 10 player versions of the SPREE Arena, Anteater Picnic Panic is a perfect addition to the family-friendly game back including team-based interaction. 

In addition to Anteater Picnic Panic, new seasonal versions of SPREE games are being released throughout the year, ensuring the family fun will run year in and year out. The first seasonal release will be the Easter edition of the original Anteater game scheduled for the end of February. Packed with features such as in-game scoreboards and new content, the SPREE Arena is a proven solution to help drive returning visitors to location-based entertainment centers.

“We have brought the Anteaters back in a fun new scenario, where players need to strategize in their Anteater avatar and work together to protect their delicious picnic from thieving insects,” says Sarah Stief, Head of Content. “With seasonal content and additional features, the game is set in a rich environment for the whole family to engage in social, active, fun.” 

A highly addictive addition to any venue, players will want to play again and again to improve their scores. Picnic Panic is perfect for ages 6 and above demographic and enables venue spaces to enhance existing entertainment offerings and widen their audiences. 

Spaces from as small as 6x6m can be transformed with Picnic Panic and the SPREE Arena. The fast turnaround and high throughput enables venues of all sizes fantastic ROI’s. Only one attendant is required for ten players which gives an impressive 200 players an hour maximum capacity, which consistently delivers over 2,500 plays per week from each client’s arena.
Picnic Panic and along with the SPREE Arena will be on show throughout the year, with the next events being at the Amusement Expo in Las Vegas and the DEAL EXPO in Dubai . Discover SPREE Interactive’s full range of revenue driving solutions at one of our events here: https://jointhespree.com/tradeshows-2022-q1/