PRESS ALERT: SPREE Interactive presents the world
premiere of Augmented Reality Bumper Cars enabled by
Qualcomm & hubraum

Munich/Berlin, Germany, Oct 6th, 2022: 

SPREE Interactive, a leader in delivering turn-key, multiplayer, free-roaming commercial VR attractions is proud to announce the first public appearance of AR Bumper Cars globally at the hubraum 10 year anniversary in Berlin. The world premiere of AR Bumper Cars is made possible thanks to a collaboration with Deutsche Telekom’s tech incubator (hubraum) and Qualcomm’s SPACES program, who are committed to investing in the growth of augmented reality and the metaverse. 

The purpose of the demo is to explore the potential of headworn AR. SPREE has successfully augmented real-life bumper cars with a Metaverse overlay powered by Snapdragon Spaces to enable a world of possibilities. Users will play an exhilarating sci-fi game, a derivative of Cyberblaster, that was made in collaboration with award-winning Hollywood studio, Pixomondo. The experience is also a competitive one, with players trying to reach the highest score whilst shooting from their battery-powered bumper cars (supplied by Italian manufacturer Eurogames S.R.L.). The demo also features collectable rockets that can be fired to slow down opponents and attack drones. This augmented sci-fi world comes to life through the Snapdragon Spaces hardware development kit which consists of the lightweight Lenovo ThinkReality A3 smart glasses and a Motorola Edge+ smartphone.

Augmented Reality creates a huge potential for new applications in entertainment and mobility (e.g. AR go karting), that is why so many firms are investing in the sector. SPREE Interactive’s entry into the headworn AR Market is done with hubraum and their Snapdragon Spaces program. The Snapdragon Spaces program gives SPREE access to futuristic technology including a high-quality AR glass, premium tier motorola edge+ smartphone, exclusive business networks, and funding opportunities for the most innovative ideas. SPREE Interactive will act as a pioneer in developing XR experiences by leveraging Qualcomm’s SPACES tools and technology. 

Martin Herdina, senior director of XR, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., had the chance to try SPREE’s VR Arena in Munich and says: “We are excited to have SPREE be part of our community building on Snapdragon Spaces, their bumper car experience takes to heart what it means to reimagine reality.”

SPREE’s pioneering technology is also coupled with a robust funnel of leads and an extremely strong sales pipeline. SPREE Interactive is set for massive expansion during the forthcoming year and is in the process of raising Series A funding to sustain the explosive growth of over 250% YoY for the third consecutive year in a row.
To discover more about SPREE Interactives’ revenue driving solutions please visit us at one of our upcoming events – IAAPA APAC Bangkok, Websummit Lisbon and IAAPA Orlando. Experience multiplayer family-friendly VR attractions and have your sales or investor questions answered by our CEO Jonathan Nowak: