Suck up as many insects as possible with your wobbly trunk and beat other players with your high score! Compete and race for the big score bugs and watch out for those Mosquitos!

Game Mechanics & Features:

Anteater is a multiplayer VR action game where players compete against each other to eat as many ants and bugs as possible in the time limit. Playing in first person as a giant cartoon Anteater the ants and bugs can be eaten by positioning the Anteater trunk on top of the bug.
The Anteater trunk increases in size when a golden power up ant is eaten, giving the player greater surface area to suck up the bugs. Throughout the game various hazards appear such as floating dandelion seeds which if eaten make the Anteaters sneeze and lose points, and Mosquitos which if eaten sting the Anteaters and lose points.

= 90 seconds

= 6+ years