Multiple attractions in one: Why your venue needs a multi-game VR attraction in the fastest growing market segment.

VR is one of the fastest growing segments in the entertainment market, with children’s entertainment games generating the most revenue and will continue to do so in the coming years. Venues and Family Entertainment Centres choose different attractions to cater to their customers’ tastes making it hard to choose between different systems. With a SPREE Arena not only can you select your own games bundles to provide the best offering to your customers, but a SPREE Arena gives you the option to move into different areas by purchasing new games on our system store.

Built upon our proprietary patented sensor fusion technology, the SPREE Arena transforms venues into a free-roam and multiplayer VR entertainment space allowing up to 6 or 10 players to indulge in a variety of family-friendly, educational, and energetic Esport games, depending on a venue’s requirements. No longer does an attraction have to be for a narrow target group. A SPREE Arena is sure to draw return visits from its competitors due to its offering of family-friendly and immersive games. Choosing a game bundle that suits your guests best enables you to maximize footfall!  


Games and packages on offer:

The SPREE Interactive offers various different gaming packages; Educational, Family-friendly, VR Shooter. But SPREE also has on-demand games from our games store where new titles are constantly being developed. A SPREE Arena enables any space to be transformed into a revenue generating venue; it also enables venues to plug a gap in their market offering.


All of SPREE Interactive’s games are designed for the whole family to enjoy, but our family friendly minigames are perfect for a younger audience. This bundle is firmly positioned in the center of the fastest growing market segment.

Firefighter is where players have to compete against each other to extinguish as many fires as possible within a virtual film set. First the player must collect water by dropping their hose into the water tanks. This is an easy to play but highly fun game for the whole family.

In Anteater players compete against each other to eat as many ants and bugs as possible in the time limit. Play as a giant cartoon Anteater and eat as many ants and bugs using your virtual trunk. Throughout the game various hazards appear such as floating dandelion seeds and mosquitoes which if eaten make the Anteaters lose points.

 Jump A Cheese is a multiplayer VR action game where players compete against each other to squash as many worms as possible in the time limit. Playing as an Astro Mouse and jump on the worms to squash them and gain points. As the game progresses any worms which have not been squashed grow into giant slugs which take more effort to destroy. Players can lose points by squashing the friendly caterpillars who eventually turn into butterflies. 

In FruitSplash two teams trying to cover the space kitchen with as much of their teams fruit juice as possible. Fruit fires automatically from the player’s fruit gun utilising a look to shoot game mechanic. Players on team Tomato fire red fruit juice and players on team Lemon fire yellow fruit juice. The winning team is the team that has coloured the greatest area of the kitchen with their fruits colour.


The museums and other educational centres are constantly looking for new engaging ways to educate children and adults. SPREE Interactive teamed up with Galieo to create an immersive and fact filled adventure. 

Mission to Mars is an exciting mission that allows up to 10 players to interact and solve challenges all at the same time. Using the SPREE Arena’s state of the art technology, players roam the arena and dive into the immersive world, imagining and experiencing a journey to Mars. Players are divided into small teams and assigned different tasks to get to know the dangers and virtues of the red planet while gathering information and cooperating with their team members.


VR Laser Tag:

In CVR you can team up with your friends and choose to join the robot robbers or try to stop them in this highly entertaining VR Laser Tag adventure. Ideal for ages 10 and above CvR contains 5 different environment maps, team game mode, and the popular player vs player free for all game mode. These games are targeted for a slightly older age group that are often missed in location based entertainment attractions, so this energetic games package offers a great solution.  Have a look at our latest trailer below:


With Virtual Reality projected to be the fastest growing entertainment market segment, it is time that location-based entertainment centers and venue spaces create a versatile VR experience. Consumers are slowly able to return to normality and people are all too keen to spend their disposable income on experiences, especially ones for the whole family. A SPREE Arena enables venue spaces of all sizes to offer a variety of family friendly games that adds value to existing offerings or can allow new spaces to create an immersive attraction by itself.