ODYSSEUM-The Adventure Museum Reopens on 25th of June Featuring the SPREE Arena as One of its Newest Digital Attractions

Nuremberg, Germany, June 23, 2021 –The new ODYSSEUM in Cologne, Germany will reopen its doors to visitors on Friday, June 25, 2021 with SPREE Interactive’s 6-player Arena as one of its newest attractions.The 6-Player SPREE Arena can accommodate up to 120 guests per hour, and is filled with educational and family-friendly virtual reality content. The addition of the SPREE Arena complements the museum’s modern and interactive theme, which is focused towards all ages.

ODYSSEUM -The Adventure Museum, which was first opened in 2009, has adapted its location to modern forms of playing and learning with the SPREE Arena which enables everyone to have unique and emotional experiences with others in the virtual world. 

The SPREE Arena Family-Friendly game bundle allows ODYSSEUMs guests of all generations to interact playfully such as squashing bugs on a cheese planet as a superhero mouse, sucking up ants as an anteater with a long trunk and most importantly, with the addition of the Educational game bundle guests can participate in an immersive learning experience in the Mission to Mars.

“Virtual worlds and digital games have become an integral part of most children’s spaces and many adults have also discovered their enthusiasm for them,” says  Susanne Göllner, Head of Corporate Communication at Explorado Group GmbH. “In the SPREE Arena it is not only possible to dive into the virtual worlds together and across generations and to play together as a family, SPREE Arena also gives visitors the chance to learn something playfully and interactively with games such as Mission to Mars.”

The addition of the SPREE Arena along with a host of other interactive attractions continues the ODYSSEUMs commitment to providing a high-quality place of learning for its guests.