SPREE Interactive’s X6 VR Arena is Positioned as the HIGHEST REVENUE-EARNING attraction at HAPPY CITY in Colombia.

Munich, Germany, April 2023: SPREE Interactive, a leading provider of family-friendly virtual reality experiences for location-based entertainment centers, enters the South American stage with the 6-player SPREE Arena at HAPPY CITY family entertainment center in Medellin, Colombia.

Opening as their first VR attraction, the SPREE Arena generated a record-breaking month for Happy City, with Col$ 13,959,000 in revenue. Acting as a guest magnet for the FEC, the SPREE Arena has allowed the Happy City to charge its highest price per play, more than double the price compared to video or redemption arcade attractions. Adding value to its existing line of successful pay-to-play attractions, Happy City has seen an additional 1,400 players, generating a high ROI for the FEC. 

Happy City is a leader in kid entertainment centers, with a presence in 27 cities around Colombia and more than 40 years of bringing joy to families. The company is constantly looking to offer the latest immersive attractions and innovative solutions; that’s why Happy City decided to enter into the virtual reality world with the family-friendly SPREE Arena.

“The SPREE Arena arrived at our venue as part of a complete renovation that is being made to our FEC; this attraction complements our offering by adding an interactive and kid-friendly virtual reality space,” says Adriana Mercado, Marketing Director of Happy City. “As a multi-target attraction, our main objective is to attract traffic and increase the time spent in our family entertainment center, and the SPREE Arena is helping us to meet this objective.”

The SPREE arena features a growing range of family-friendly games that allows users to be immersed in mind-blowing worlds and experience VR together. Each game is designed to be accessible and enjoyable for all ages, making this VR arena a perfect destination for families of all ages and sizes.

“The SPREE Arena has been a game changer for our business,” says Camilo Calle, Managing Director of Happy City. “It has helped us attract new customers by offering an innovative, fun, multiplayer attraction perfect for our target demographic of 6-12-year-olds. The extensive game catalog and the high number of players per game convinced us that SPREE was the ideal solution for our venue.” 

Visitors of Happy City keep returning with SPREE’s growing library of market-leading content for 6-12-year-olds. With twice-yearly game releases and regular seasonal add-ons, Happy City is confident that everyone in the family will leave their FEC smiling and wanting more.

Only requiring one operator, SPREE Interactive offers venues like Happy City with a VR solution that allows them to adopt a high-volume quick-play revenue model, perfect for birthday parties. 

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