tiNiWorld Entertainment Center Celebrates an extra 2,500 players with the opening of SPREE Interactive’s X6 kid-friendly VR Arena

Munich, Germany, 5th April 2023:

SPREE Interactive, brings tailor-made multiplayer virtual reality for the lucrative 6-12 demographic to tiNiWorld activities center in Vietnam.

The highly successful installation of the X6 Arena in the Asian market is a proven success story for the SPREE Arena, delivering over 2,500 players for tiNiWorld in the last month and a quick return on investment.

tiNiWorld has implemented a pay-per-play pricing model for the VR Arena on top of the entry fee, enabling the activities center to generate additional revenue on top of its already well-performing portfolio of kid-friendly attractions. The SPREE Arena acts as an upsell attraction for tiNiWorld drawing in their target market of 4-12-year-olds.

The X6 SPREE Arena offers an immersive high throughput attraction, that captivates the guests of tiNiWorld, tapping into their vision of creating a community environment where children come to develop, learn and have fun together. tiNiWorld is a pioneer in the location-based entertainment market of Vietnam, with years of experience and a deep understanding of children.

“I was convinced to choose SPREE Interactive based on the magnetism of kids towards playing the SPREE Arena, including my daughter who kept begging me to play again and again at the IAAPA Expo!” says Thomas Joseph Ng, Chairman of NKid Group and owners of tiNiWorld. “It is the only VR entertainment solution specifically designed for younger kids to have fun and explore new worlds, leading with its light-hearted content and controller-less fun”

Like a growing number of our global clients, tiNiWorld has confidence in the SPREE Arena to draw in more children to their venue than ever before. tiNiWorld realizes that the best way for kids to develop is to first gain life experiences through immersive full-sensory activities, interacting with the world around them. And the SPREE Arena allows this to happen, providing a space for children to independently explore new environments in the safety of a play center, tapping into skills that are vital for their development.

The X6 SPREE Arena’s installation is a complementing attraction to tiNiWorld, with the arena accommodating up to 120 guests per hour, whilst maintaining a compact footprint. The system has low operational costs and is easy to operate, allowing venues like tiNiWorld to only use one operator, with the simple ‘click and play’ VR system.

The SPREE Arena is also accompanied by the expanding family-friendly games library, plus additional seasonal add-ons. These games will spark interest in the minds of the all-important 6-12 demographic, certain to attract returning families and visitors.

SPREE Interactive offers forward-looking entertainment centers, like tiNiWorld, with a complete VR solution that is high-throughput, family-friendly, and easy to operate. Future-proof your venue with the SPREE Arena and its yearly subscription of games that includes two new titles per year, as well as seasonal additions.

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