SPREE Interactive VR attraction at TELUS Spark Science Centre proves to be a big hit with guests during Summer vacation

Munich/Nuremberg, Germany, September 1, 2022: 

TELUS Spark Science Centre in Calgary, Canada, boasted a successful start to the summer with SPREE Interactive’s 6-player Arena as one of its newest educational attractions. The 6-Player SPREE Arena is filled with educational and family-friendly virtual reality interactive games, complementing the science centre’s existing experiences by taking the whole family on an immersive learning experience.

The SPREE Arena offers the TELUS Spark Science Centre a high-throughput attraction, accommodating up to 120 players per hour. Since its installation, the Arena’s popularity has increased every month, with nearly 16,000 players in July alone.

“The SPREE Arena provides a safe, stimulating space for guests to explore a unique world” says Kyle Corner, Director of Creative Experiences, TELUS Spark Science Centre. “Play is so important for kids and adults alike. The beauty of this virtual experience is that people of all ages can use their imagination while getting active and solving problems together”

Players have an option to choose from multiple games within the experience, whether that is being a firefighter saving burning buildings, an astronaut travelling to Mars or taking sides in an intergalactic food fight and more. Spark’s Pixelarius VR Zone is included in the general admission, with the SPREE Arena fitting appropriately into its successful business model.

The TELUS Spark Science Centre’s core goal is to promote curiosity, innovation and collaboration. The science centre is constantly looking for new innovative attractions that will spark intrigue in the minds of its guests of all ages. The SPREE Arena enables the whole family to work together and explore a fantasy virtual world, developing unique memories this summer and beyond.

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