SPREE Interactive expands its Family-Friendly and Multiplayer VR Game Library with Festive Seasonal Release, Christmas Crunch

Munich/Nuremburg, Germany, Nov 8th, 2022: 

SPREE Interactive, specialists in multiplayer free-roam VR attractions for the location-based entertainment market, launches  a seasonal addition to its family friendly game pack where players must team up to save the Christmas holiday — Christmas Crunch. 

Christmas Crunch is a team-based family-friendly release adding to the SPREE Arena’s growing library of games, which include 2 new titles per year, and offers Family Entertainment Centers a solution to set themselves apart during this competitive holiday season. Christmas Crunch will be available as part of the family-friendly game bundle from November 15th, during its debut at the IAAPA Expo. 

The whole family play as elves in Santa’s workshop as they work together with precision to prepare last minute Christmas tree orders that need to be launched into the sky. Players must be quick to decorate a tree by collecting ornaments from the cannons, but must also be strategic not to slow down time by dropping any ornaments along the way. 

Christmas Crunch is perfect for ages 6 and above, enabling venues to widen their audiences as families look to create new memories and experiences for the holidays. This seasonal addition compliments SPREE’s existing range of non-violent family friendly games and provides a Christmas magnet that enables LBE’s to differentiate themselves. 

“Learning from our past successes we have created a festive game that incorporates teamwork for players to have a more social experience in VR,” says Sarah Stief, Head of Content at SPREE Interactive. “Young and old can join in to collect items like baubles, presents and ribbons to meet Santa’s Christmas order.” 

The SPREE Arena Family-Friendly game bundle allows up to ten players of all generations to interact playfully, whether they squash bugs on a cheese planet, engage in an intergalactic food fight or now decorate Christmas trees as Santa’s Elves. This holiday period is a prime opportunity to hook consumers and the SPREE Arena, with competitive leaderboards and growing content library including seasonal updates to games, incentivises visitors to return.

To play Christmas Crunch and learn more about the SPREE Arena, book a VIP Demo with us at IAAPA Expo Orlando – Booth 3889: https://jointhespree.com/iaapa-expo-orlando/